Cultivating Authentic Relationships by Transforming the Stories You Tell Yourself

Before (or after) finding Mr. Right, become Miss RIGHT

by transforming your daunting past relationship story into a lighthouse story 

Why is this important?

Dennis’s story – my story – your story

I wrote this in my journal 5 years ago today while hiking across Spain on the old pilgrim trail called the Camino de Santiago.

"Camino Lesson of the Day

The one thing that everyone that hikes the Camino de Santiago does is to start out carrying too much stuff with us in our packs.

There is nothing like walking miles and miles with a loaded backpack to help you figure out what is really important enough

to carry on your back day after day, mile after mile.

Something I heard along the way has really stuck with me, and I was thinking about it today.

 They say that "We carry our fears in our backpacks".

 In other words, if you are afraid that you will run out of food and go hungry, then you carry too much food.

 If you are afraid of freezing, then you carry too many clothes.

 If you fear not being able to find a place to sleep, then you load yourself down with a tent and camping equipment.

 Of course, all this extra stuff is heavy, which makes us tired and sore and often causes injuries.

The soreness and pain make us irritable and cranky, and often that is what our fellow hikers see.

They don't see the real us!

They are seeing the result of the pain caused by carrying our fears and too much junk in our backpack.

I was thinking today about how a lot of the excess baggage that we carry around with us in life is the result of our fears.

Also how all of us have had things that have happened in our past that has impacted us negatively.

These fears and bad experiences often cause us to behave and react to life and the people in it the way we do.

Just like a backpacker that is carrying stuff that is not needed or serves no real purpose,

we keep lugging around things that we should have dumped long ago.

The result is that the people in our lives do not get to see the real us.

They don't get the best of us.

Many times they are on the receiving end of the pain caused by the useless junk we are carrying around with us. Often, we have been hauling it around for so long that we have started to believe that it is part of who we are.

Maybe it is time to do what all of us backpackers end up doing along the way on a long walk.

Unpack our overloaded personal backpacks and what we are carrying around every day with us.

Examine each item honestly, determine if we actually need it or not, and if it is really serving a purpose. If not, then leave it behind and move on. Turning loose of something is hard, even if it is of no value because we have been carrying it for so long, and we have convinced ourselves that we are not whole without it.

Once we have the courage to make the decision to dump whatever is hindering us in our life,

walk away from it and start moving forward, we end up wondering why we were carrying it to begin with.

Lighten your load, get rid of the fears and useless junk from the past, and let the real you walk free!"

~ Dennis Welton ~

Can you relate?

 This is my invitation to you during this 5 weeks coaching program – to process the lessons of your past relationship experiences (with an ex, one of your parents or your siblings) so that you can welcome new and healthy relationships in your lives, ones where you can truly give your best, once you've set yourself free

 What can you expect? 

   To illustrate the power of a perspective shift, I'll share another little story:

   One day in 1671, Christopher Wren observed three bricklayers on a scaffold, one crouched, ⁣one half-standing and one standing tall, working very hard and fast. ⁣

   To the first bricklayer, Christopher Wren asked, ⁣

   “What are you doing?” ⁣

⁣   to which the bricklayer replied, ⁣

   “I’m a bricklayer. I’m working hard laying bricks to feed my family.” ⁣

   The second bricklayer responded, “I’m a builder. I’m building a wall.” ⁣

⁣   But the third bricklayer, the most productive of the three and the future leader of the group, ⁣when asked,

   “What are you doing?” replied with a gleam in his eye, ⁣

   ⁣“I’m a cathedral builder. I’m building a great cathedral to The Almighty.”⁣

 That is what are we doing together – finding that different, fresh perspective, meaning and depth of your story… uncovering the cathedral builder inside

If you want to enjoy life, you put down the burden and take further with you the lesson, the gift, the opportunity inside the event or the situation re-written into a lighthouse story.

 HERE’S HOW WE’LL DO IT in 5 weeks



We bring the whole body with all the senses into this immersive experience.

WEEK 1 - Expanded Awareness

     ➡️ Delve Deep and Discover the True Impact of the Stories You Hold Inside – They're Heavier Than You Think! Explore your story 360 degree to restore balance.

WEEK 2 - Bye DRAMA, welcome FREEDOM

     ➡️ FREE your emotional backpack, one story at a time.

WEEK 3 - Cultivate Authenticity – in love with yourself

     ➡️ Master Self-Coaching for Life's Fast Lane: Transform Your Inner Narrative.

WEEK 4 - Fully ALIVE

     ➡️ Shape and Embrace Your Relationship Lighthouse Tale.

WEEK 5 - Totally ALIGNED

     ➡️ Construct a Champion's Mindset for Thriving Connections.


What's included:

• 5 Weeks, 5 1 to 1 coaching calls for (exercises, exploring together the story and insightful, deep diving questions).

• Daily accountability and exercises to bring balance between the mind and the body.

• Reviews on the identity and beliefs unveiled by the narrative's unfolding.

• Client is given a weekly worksheet that maps out the exact steps required each week to go through the whole process.

• Program begins as soon as the client enrolled when a calendar link will be sent for booking the first call.

I am looking only for those women who are ready to commit for the 5 weeks and participate 💯 FULL IN.


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I promise, you’re going to love it and your ease will skyrocket as you practice unloading the weight!!


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